Dynamics of Healing 20.21

To lay the scriptural foundation for healing available to New Testament believers; to teach the use of faith as the means of walking in divine health.

Course Instructor

Melissa Rice Melissa Rice Author

8 thoughts on “Dynamics of Healing 20.21”

  1. Kimberly Overbey says:

    The progress indicator bar isn’t showing L1 completed perhaps because I was under another window (pulled it up 2x?)

  2. Kimberly Overbey says:

    Never mind!… it just showed up on progress bar!

    Lesson One absolutely raised my prospective to be more in line with the Truth and I know Ms. Rice is an anointed wonderful teacher… thank you!!!!!

  3. Kimberly Overbey says:

    With thanksgiving as a new creation God is melting stoney heart! I’m excited with more praying for others as well! Humbled too!!!!

  4. Kim Overbey says:

    Please pray that I decree out loud His word daily to someone in need of His grace and that measure of faith increases! I declare now I do not cast away my confidence which has great reward in Jesus name!

  5. Rose Pollard says:

    Good day thank you for this opportunity , i have complete dynamics of healing. please pray that i continue to grow in HIS word and to be bold in using the word by faith in my daily walk with GOD

  6. Sara Caul says:

    Thank you Pastor, this training is great. I learned so very much from the way you taught under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

  7. Rosier Blondell says:

    I finish all lesson I finished this class has started another class!

  8. Altony Foote says:

    This class was a blessing!

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