Realities of Redemption 20.21

To obtain an in-depth understanding of redemption; to equip you beyond the basics; to groom and prepare ministers of reconciliation.

Course Instructor

James Gilbert James Gilbert instructor

3 thoughts on “Realities of Redemption 20.21”

  1. Sheirie Dawson says:

    Is it possible to take this final exam. The website shut down and was inaccessible. I was also unable to take my (3 final exams: ROR, NTS& ESCH).

  2. Lisa Johnson says:

    Hi Debra,
    I have completed all the courses and exams. I enrolled in this in August. I hope I will get the credit now. I couldn’t take my final before because it was closed.
    Many thanks!

  3. Jennifer Rivers says:

    I completed this course before the changes but its showing as if i never took the class, will I still get credit?

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